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Agarta is the name given to a legendary underground organization that is mentioned in the Tibetan and Central Asian traditions and claimed to be in the mountain range of Asia. Agartha alleged to belong to the tunnels in Turkey (40 percent in Nevsehir region) is located in the United States and Brazil. In addition, people who believe in this existence claim that the Agartians have a technology far superior to us, and that the flying saucers are actually made by them.

The ruler of this empire whose capital is Shamballa is known as Kr King of the World da in the east. In many sources, the representative of the ”King of the World deki on earth is the Tibetan Dalai Lama. Tibet in the east and Brazil in the west are two countries with tunnel networks at two different ends of the world.

Family is an indispensable element for us. We also see each guest as a member of our family. For this reason, we want to be comfortable in our home, we take care of you to experience the same comfort. The remaining details are small and sweet complements that will rivet your happiness…

You will find the comfort and luxury of the 21st century in the cave carved rooms that carry you back to ages and perhaps you will not want to go out at all. Of course, we recommend you to check out our hotel's unique location.

Çavuşin, which opens to Kızılırmak from the south, is located in a region between Nevşehir-Göreme-Avanos triangle surrounded by valleys and embroidered by nature. Our hotel is located in Çavuşin, which is the pearl of Cappadocia region, and is located just opposite Çavuşin castle which is the most magnificent point of Çavuşin. While sipping your coffee on our terrace, you will experience the magnificent view of Cappadocia.