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Agarta is a word of Hindi origin and its capital is Shamballa. Tashi Lhampo monastery. Agarta is considered the birthplace of the legend.

A group of people who survived the cataclysm catastrophe caused by the Atlanteans' nuclear war, first came to the high plateaus of Brazil and then settled in underground cities with surface-connected tunnels to protect against radiation.

According to the legend of Tibet, it is possible to go from one end of the world to the other with tunnels that are claimed to belong to Agarta. They live in peace because they have learned from the terrible nuclear war in the past. In science, these people were thousands of years ahead of the earth's people. Scientists from Agartha knew the types of energy that our scientists did not. These energies were used in both flying and land vehicles. It is suggested that the Agarta Empire consists of underground cities connected to each other by tunnels and that it can go to every corner of the world by means of vehicles similar to space vehicles.

According to ancient Egyptian belief, a secret door in the Pyramid of Giza is thought to have been opened to the Agartic Civilization. It is claimed that through these tunnels, the Pharaohs were able to make contact with the Gods or superior beings underground. It is told that the Pharaohs received help from the Agartians in the construction of the civilization to be established on earth.

As a result of the excavations in the towns of Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı in Cappadocia, underground cities and tunnel systems were unearthed. It is believed that the underground city system of 8 floors in Derinkuyu and 5 floors in Kaymaklı belong to the Agartians.

Cappadocia Nevşehir, Niğde, Aksaray triangle between the region's name given by the Persians. Katpatuka means “Land of Beautiful Horses.. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say Ül Land of Dreams ”. You also go and give a name according to your heart.

Cappadocia is a fairy chimney for those who have not seen it and know it from their paintings. Fairy chimneys are really interesting as nature's unique gifts, but for those who have visited Cappadocia, they evoke a much deeper, richer meaning: the civilization created by hundreds of hundreds of years ago, the mystical atmosphere of the early years of Christianity, the resistance to belief in oppression ... a nature ...

It is known that there were Hittite and Phrygian settlements before the Persians in the region. Then, at some point, it was ruled by an independent kingdom, followed by Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations.

The natural formation, which we will summarize in a few lines here, has been going on for 60 million years. 60 million years ago, in the third geological period, the Taurus Mountains rose, and the volcanoes became operational with the compression of the Anatolian plateau in the north. Erciyes and Hasandağı and the smaller Göllüdağ lagging between them erupted. The ashes deposited on the plateau formed a soft tuff layer. The tuff layer was sometimes covered by a thin layer of lava consisting of hard basalt. Basalt cracked and broke into pieces. The rains began to penetrate the cracks and erode the soft tuff. With the warming and cooling air and winds joined the formation. Cones formed with hard hats made of hard basalt rock. These different and interesting shaped rocks gave the people a name. “Fairy Chimney,” he said. Tuff layers without basalt cover turned into valleys by erosion and formed interesting canyons. They became the gift of nature to the region.

The human hand, labor and emotion were set to work. A great civilization was created over a long period, from settlements from 9-10 thousand years ago, from churches carved into the rocks by the first Christians, to large and safe underground cities. Come to Cappadocia to witness this adventure of nature and mankind!

It is difficult to visit Cappadocia on your own. You'il miss a lot. If you don't have a good guide, it is inevitable to perceive the places you visit. For this reason, we recommend you to take daily tours organized by local travel agencies.